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Helmets Awareness Week is an annual week to highlight the importance of wearing a well-fitting helmet. Helmets are the best defense against sustaining a head injury in a fall from a horse. Best practice is to wear a helmet any time you are mounted. Falls can happen at any time.

Many retailers are offering sales on helmets during Helmet Awareness Week. Dover Saddlery is offering 20% off helmets and a free helmet bag.

SmartPak Equine is also offering 20% off helmets and safety gear like protective vests.

As shown in this Virginia Tech study on equestrian helmet safety, several of the highest ranking helmets in safety are some of the most cost conscious options. Sometimes, helmets with higher safety ratings are not the most expensive.

Helmets should be purchased in person, if possible, so you can ensure a good fit. Helmets should also be fitted with your hair how you normally wear it, as hair up or down can affect the fit, and subsequent safety, of the helmet.