Depending on where you live, you have either already started blanketing your horse, or are going to do so soon. Determining the best and most durable blanket options for your horse can be confusing.

Horses are hard on blankets. Really hard. Whether they are turned out alone or in a group, horses will find a way to damage their blankets. SmartPak blanket warranty offers a super generous warranty that allows for a replacement blanket if your horse damages their blanket within the warranty period. The warranty applies to Ultimate Turnout blankets and sheets.

Ultimate turnout blankets and sheets come in several color options. They also come in varied weights, from a no-fill sheet to a 360g heavy.

If your horse is also getting monthly SmartPak supplements, you are also eligible for an additional discount on your order, and free shipping. Knowing that your blankets are covered by this warranty gives a little peace of mind against damage.