One K is one of the equestrian helmet brands that has adopted the MIPS technology. MIPS allows small sliding motion to reduce to rotational impact of a fall and potentially decrease the likelihood of a brain injury. One K helmets are an economical choice for every day riding but look polished enough to take into the show ring.

One K helmets with MIPS technology are available with multiple customization options, including color inserts and a junior size for younger riders.

The safest equestrian helmets are not always the most expensive. Many helmets that rank high in safety are also toward the middle of pricing. The safest helmet is one that fits well, so make sure to try several on, both with your hair up and down, to find the best option. If you’re looking to save a bit more money, you can wait to purchase your helmet during Helmet Safety Week, when many retailers offer additional discounts on safety equipment.